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What Our Clients Say

"Silvia goes above and beyond her service to us. So glad to have her as our accountant. 👍🏼"

HRY Personnel Services

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"My business had moved to that next level financially and I needed an accounting service that not only could manage but also teach. I was also intimidated using QuickBooks online. I started the Profit First system at the beginning of the year and it has totally changed the way I operate my business...with more control and real time proof of how the flow of finances are working. SMG provides detailed instructions on using QB as a powerful tool, understanding how everything fits together. I also love the professionalism and expertise. SMG works so diligently to assist in small business profitability, taking the time to learn what your company really does. Success is more than putting the numbers in the columns and making them balance, you also have to foresee a debt free future working towards paying yourself back for all your hard planning. I know every business model is different, however following the Profit First system with Silvia and her team of experts to assist, has really expanded the potential of how my operations are strategically organized for maximum profitability. I can see where my money is at a moment's notice and with the results just after 6 months, I'm able to plan my finances with less guessing and more confidence. So blessed to have found SMG!"

Chelle W.


"We had a very nice experience. They are honest and kind. I had a delicious tea. As they are appointment-only, there is no waiting. Whether you need English or Spanish, they can help you."

Ortiz Ice Cream

"If you need help with your taxes SMG Business Services is the place for you! Great customer service and they helped me save money on both my personal and business tax.

Update 1 Year Later: Another year of taxes and of working with Silvia at SMG Business Services. I highly recommend their services. Good customer service, smooth process, and quick turn-around. I would give 10 stars if I could."

Thomas L.

"Honesty, patience, and kindness."

Maria G.

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