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What it takes to be a business owner!

Some time ago after being a business owner with my husband for a few years, we realized that having a business is more than a GREAT IDEA! It takes passion and purpose, it takes knowing your role as a business owner, and to keep cool, calm and collected.

There is an article in the Forbes website that states that: “90% of startups business fail…”

Only passion and purpose makes it worth all those long extraneous hours of work you put into your business. When a person is passionate about what they do, they are happy to get up in in the morning to do what they love!

Knowing your role in the business is also important. As an entrepreneur, a person is an employee and an investor of the company. One of the mistakes emerging entrepreneurs make is not taking into account, the salary the business owner should take as the employee of the company.

The third most important tip is to stay cool, calm and collected! Becoming an entrepreneur will test all areas of your life. Adrenaline rushes up and down constantly. Staying cool, calm and collected helps to be in control and make good business decisions. It is very important to have a business plan, and financial projections to monitor and control the growth of your business. Rapid Growth is not healthy for a start-up business and it is not healthy for you the entrepreneur.

These are just a few things to consider. Let’s make sure that as a business owner you are not part of the statistics!

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By UNIKO Media Group