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Proactive, Preventive & Customized Business Services


When you start up a small business money is usually one of the biggest concerns you face. Trying to keep the overhead down and the profits up can be like walking a tight rope. There are some things you can do to save money that most people don’t think about.

One of the reasons people don’t think about these things is that they’re not big money savers on their own, but when combined, the saving can be significant.

Do you still have a landline? Do you really need one? If you have a landline, try cutting it off, and use your cell phone instead. This can save you 40 or 50 dollars a month. You can also write off the cellphone as a business expense.

Are you paying for business forms? There are tons of free forms to be found online. Everything from invoices, to order forms and contracts are available for free, and most can be customized for your company.

If you use mailing lists it’s a good idea to check them periodically to make sure the addresses are still valid. It’s a big waste of money to send out mailing to bad addresses. The US postal service offers services to check your lists before mailing, and some of them are free.

Try leaving that credit card in your wallet more often. You can run up a credit card in a heartbeat and you’ll up to your ears in debt before you know it. Try using cash whenever possible.

It may sound cheap and of little impact but try bringing a sack lunch to work instead of going out. According to Time, bringing your own lunch can save you $2,500 a year!

Be creative in your penny pinching. Some of these ideas seem to save little money, but when you add them up, it can run into the hundreds.