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It’s that time of the year again. The holiday season is upon us once again and along with it, it’s the season of holiday work get togethers. Office parties as they are often called are a time for celebrating and appreciating the success of the past year. They are a meant to be a good time for all and to create a feeling of unity. Here are some things to think about so to make it all a success.

To start with, do your best to just be there. While the event is usually optional, the holiday party is a work function, and attending shows your colleagues you are invested in the company. Being a no show often sends a message of non-interest in your co-workers and can give the impression that you think you’re above all that.

Wear something festive and have fun! Go with the flow, you don’t have to be the life of the party but why be the stick in the mud. Good memories with your co-workers will go a long way in strengthening how you work with others the rest of the year.

Now for some things to make sure you don’t do.

If there’s alcohol at the party take it easy. While drinks and a good time are typically part of an annual holiday party, remember that you’re still with co-workers and what you say or do will become part of office or workplace lore, something that you may not want over your head.

Try not to talk shop. This is a time to interact with your co-workers in a non-work mode. Save the work discussions for another time.

These get togethers are all about chatting with your co-workers but that too can lead to an uncomfortable situation. Mingle and don’t corner anyone to the point of making them feel like a caged animal.

Above all, have fun and make your holiday party something you will look forward to next year.

By UNIKO Media Group