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Scams will never go away, and crooks are always coming up with new ones. It’s always a good time to educate yourself and your employees on the most prevalent scams targeting small businesses and how to avoid them. Here are some of the more widely reported scams that are out there.

Not all online directories are scams, but many are. Owners of small businesses often get bombarded with calls and messages from people wanting to list their companies in online directories. Promises of greater visibility and more customers make these directories sound attractive but there is a fee involved. Though not all of these are scams, a multitude of them are and have been known fool many businesses into paying millions.

There are tech support scams to look out for. These involve criminals posing as tech support personnel contacting unsuspecting users claiming that they need to fix a problem that doesn’t really exist in order to gain access to the network. Scammers have even gone as far as threatening to take legal action if the user doesn’t give them access to the computer.

A scam that never seems to go away is the IRS scam in which a caller claiming to be an IRS agent demands money under threat of legal action and possibly jail time. They also sometimes will request personal information such as social security numbers or credit card numbers. By now most people have heard of this scam and know that the IRS doesn’t behave this way.

Check scams use the mail to send solicitations that look like bills, invoices, account statements, flyers or brochures. Some also may look like rebate or refund checks. These are very likely scams. The key is in reading the fine print carefully which is often an agreement of purchases if the check is cashed.

Scams are a lucrative business for con artist. Don’t fall for their tricks, stay informed.

By UNIKO Media Group