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It’s been a while since businesses large or small had anything good to say about the economy or their prospects for the near future. It has been a hard few years for the economy and businesses have been doing all they can just to stay profitable. But things may be changing according to a new survey.

Recently, Microsoft Store, and SurveyMonkey conducted a survey which was targeted at determining business trends for the new year. It seems that optimism is running high among small businesses. It was found that 90 percent of small businesses are planning to hire one or two employees next year. Of course, this must be tempered with the reality of running a small business. Budget constraints are still a major concern to 23 percent of those polled.

New services and products are also among the plans for the new year for some 37.6 percent of respondents. Just over 35 percent of the respondents said they were going to put together a new marketing strategy and just under 40 percent said they have plans to give back to the community where they run their business.

For all the optimism there are still some concerns. Many reported they felt unprepared for cybersecurity threats. Not a good thing but for whatever reasons a number were either not concerned about a serious data breach (50 percent) or are not planning to protect themselves (25 percent).

Not all respondents were so carless about security and many reported that they are now using encryption software with some 40 percent going as far as making sure their employees were using antivirus software.

Though there are still some concerns about what to expect in the new year, mostly about cyber security, the overall mood is good. Expectations seem to reflect an overall feeling of a better business environment taking shape in the new year. Let’s hope they are right.

By UNIKO Media Group