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Bookkeeping Services

SMG Business Services takes a proactive and preventive approach by providing a fast and reliable bookkeeping services tailored to clients needs. Accurate record keeping is essential to every business. The customization of services is based on industry, time, and cost with the purpose to relieve the business owner to continue with smooth business operations.


Our reputation for providing quality service reflects the high standards we demand for our own business.

Our focus is to provide services for business owners, executives and independent professionals.

As a small business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books.
We take care of your bookkeeping for you!…

So you can continue to run your business and focus on what you do best, generating sales and profit.


Our mission is to enhance you organizational growth and therefore perform effective business decisions.

We offer a full service of bookkeeping which includes:

•Bill pay.
•Accounts payable.
•Accounts receivable.
•Financial reports and more.


Our work is experienced, friendly, effective, responsive, personal and honest.

Once you start working with us, you will feel the trust that you need for your business bookkeeping needs. We will

•Reconcile your bank account.
•Generate an income statement.
•Generate a balance sheet.
•Clean up your general ledger.
•Tax planning and payroll.


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