At SMG Business Services, our focus is to be proactive and preventive. We want our clients to know a soon as possible if they are generating profits, so they can improve what they are doing or take action and correct their way. Regardless of your need, be it administrative, financial, regulatory or legal; we offer preventive services so that the business owner can concentrate on their business, and not, correcting problems.
Your dream can become a fruitful business; if apart from the equipment to produce you have tools of knowledge of the American business world.

Your Business Identity

Your business is represented by your preparation and to capture the client, the investor and his progress must be prepared with his words.

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Company History

Your Business Security

Your accounting tell the story of your business stability, possibility and prosperity. You must understand the numbers and what represent. The numbers tell the story!

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Product or service.

In order to contract services and promote your business, it is essential to understand the concepts that influence the practices of the merchant in America.





“The heart of your business is accounting”
Silvia M. Guardado, EA

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“The profit of your business is the product of planning!”
Delila A. Vasquez M.A

Start Up Business Consultant

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