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Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Irene Li (She/Her)

As an accounting manager with a CPA and MBA, Irene has been working with small businesses for 15 years. Due to her hands-on experiences from a wide range of industries, she very well understands the struggles of small business and how to help the business to be financially literate and successful.

Before immigrating to USA, she had been teaching college students for years in China, fostering her passion for nourishing young minds and building strong relationships.


“When I was a high school student, the only class that I never zoned out was geography. It was not because my geography teacher was a handsome young man, but because of his passion to teach and his enthusiasm for what he taught. Those two attributes that he exemplified have influenced me until this day. I later became a college instructor and taught Principles of Finance because I love numbers as well as ‘money.’ To me, numbers are fascinating. They scatter, run, and tease you, waiting for you to catch them. Once you gather and line them up, they speak to you and tell you stories about the facts of your money. As such, I have worked in accounting and helped small businesses with the same passion and enthusiasm.”

Beyond the numbers and business, Irene is a proud mother of two beautiful girls. She met her husband when she was a graduate school student. Faith, family, and friends are three important pillars of her life. She likes travel, nature, swimming, hiking, and reading.


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