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Secure your business data

We understand that you work very hard on your business and you want to make sure your business is safe and secure for many years to come. We also understand that the information, both business and personal, that you share with SMG Business Services is of the most sensitive nature. Your data, whether it’s your articles of incorporation, tax-related documents, or bank statements, needs to be protected to avoid any potentially destructive breaches. We take data security in our business very seriously and want to make sure your information is as secure as possible. In our practice, we implement several ways to keep data secure and want to encourage you to implement some of these methods in your business too.

Document Security

Internally, we keep files secure by storing them on DropBox. This allows us to upload our files into a password-protected cloud account and easily share files with team members. We go a step further when sharing and receiving documents with our clients by using Liscio file-sharing software, which is designed specifically for sharing sensitive financial information. We highly encourage you to submit files to us directly through Liscio to make sure your information is kept safe and easy to find. We also encourage you to consider a secure cloud storage option for your business.

Password Protection

There’s only so much information any one person can remember, but online accounts are not very secure if you use the same password for every account or a password that’s easy to guess. This is why we use password-management software, such as 1Password. Password-management software allows you to create highly secure passwords, keep track of all your accounts, and best of all, you only need to remember one master password. Implementing this software will give you peace of mind knowing that your accounts are not easily accessible to hackers and bots. If ever you do experience a potential breach, the software makes it easy to reset your password to a new randomized password within seconds.

Update Devices

Secure your devices by regularly installing the latest software updates for your operating system and all applications. Doing so will ensure you are protected against security bugs and recent online threats.

Take a moment in your day to review your security practices and adjust any areas that need improvement. You’ll be glad you did! We hope this information helps you sleep better at night knowing that your business is taken care of.


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