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Your business is growing, but you don’t see the money in the bank. You are struggling to pay the bills, dreading getting a call from the IRS, and haven’t paid yourself a decent salary in months. You need help, but aren’t sure if you have the resources to hire someone. You feel stressed and confused when looking at your bank balance, thinking “If I’m growing the business and making money, then where is my money going?!” You are living check to check, hoping for something to change soon.

You’ve been working hours on end to achieve the business of your dreams. You love your business, but wish it loved you back. You’re exhausted and feel overwhelmed when you don’t see your hard work reflected in your financial statements.

You want to figure out how to relieve the financial stress and start reaping the fruits of your labor. You want to partner with a financial expert, but you’ve been burned in the past by financial professionals who did not listen to you and did not provide you with the information you needed.


You’re tired of not having control over your business. You want to find financial peace of mind, so you can focus on what’s important: taking care of yourself, serving your clients, and growing your business.

Imagine driving profitability in your business without the stress.

As you grow your business, you lead with clarity and transparency in your finances. You have a clear understanding of your numbers and approach your financial statements with confidence. Your bills are taken care of and you are paying yourself a salary on a regular basis. You feel comfortable with your responsibilities to your employees and to your taxes. You finally feel your business is working for you, not the other way around.

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You are in the driver’s seat of your business, comfortably making quick financial decisions as needed. You understand how to maximize your profits and feel you have room to grow. You actively invest in the business and in yourself. You have the freedom to take your business where you want to take it. 


Your business growth is sustainable and you are able to enjoy yourself on the path toward your dreams. Your financial stress has been relieved by partnering with a compassionate financial professional who understands your trajectory and prioritizes your needs. You have the support you need and are excited to go to work everyday. You are able to take care of yourself and have the energy to focus on your clients. 

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I’m a bookkeeper and coach who helps passionate and resilient women and POC professional service providers who feel overwhelmed by their finances. You’ll find financial peace of mind by learning how to improve your profitability. You’ll overhaul the way you run your business and gain confidence in your financial decision-making.

As a result of working with me, you’ll...

  • Learn how to make sure you always have money in your business bank account so you can make financial stress a thing of the past

  • Create a plan to help your business grow without unnecessary expenses so your business can run smoothly

  • Gain clarity on the ins and outs of your business’ money so you can make stress-free decisions based on real-time information

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This 1-year program includes...

  • Working together to come face to face with your finances so that you have a clear understanding of what is going on in your business

  • We will decide on the steps that will be part of your stairway to a profitable business

  • For the first 3 months, we will have weekly 60-minute sessions to determine your current baseline for profits, taxes, owners pay and operating expenses as well as develop your Target Allocation Percentages (TAPs) for each category

  • We’ll also establish a plan for debt destruction if needed

  • In months 4 - 6, we will have biweekly sessions where we’ll focus on making sure your business is working to provide the correct allocation percentages

  • During the last 6 months, we will continue to meet monthly to make sure we are on target. In this phase, we’ll reverse engineer your business and point it in the direction of financial freedom

Are you ready to make your business work for you? Say goodbye to financial stress and let’s build the steps to profitability!

Investment: $5,547

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  3. We will design your staircase to profitability. You will be able to pay yourself a decent salary, pay your taxes and even save for your dream vacation, all with a stress-free strategy

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What Makes Profit First Professionals Different?
Profit First Professionals was created in 2014 to help accountants, bookkeepers, and business coaches escape the compliance trap and start making more of a difference for their clients. Using the principles documented in the book, Profit First, co-founders Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan created a one-of-a-kind membership organization. Profit First Professionals members soon became highly sought after providers of strategic financial, operational, and personal guidance for business owners around the world.