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Greatly increase your profitability without stress!

Silvia Guardado Credentials

Hi! I'm Silvia. I’m a business consultant who helps passionate, resilient women and POC professional service providers who feel overwhelmed by their finances. You’ll find financial peace of mind by learning how to improve your profitability. You’ll overhaul the way you run your business and gain confidence in your financial decision-making.

As a result of working with me, you’ll...

  • Learn how to make sure you always have money in your business bank account so you can make financial stress a thing of the past

  • Create a plan to help your business grow without unnecessary expenses so your business can run smoothly

  • Gain clarity on the ins and outs of your business’ money so you can make stress-free decisions based on real-time information

Profit First Books

This 1-year program includes...

  • Working together to come face to face with your finances so that you have a clear understanding of what is going on in your business

  • We will decide on the steps that will be part of your stairway to a profitable business

  • For the first 3 months, we will have weekly 60-minute sessions to determine your current baseline for profits, taxes, owners pay and operating expenses as well as develop your Target Allocation Percentages (TAPs) for each category

  • We’ll also establish a plan for debt destruction if needed

  • In months 4 - 6, we will have biweekly sessions where we’ll focus on making sure your business is working to provide the correct allocation percentages

  • During the last 6 months, we will continue to meet monthly to make sure we are on target. In this phase, we’ll reverse engineer your business and point it in the direction of financial freedom

Are you ready to make your business work for you? Say goodbye to financial stress and let’s build the steps to profitability!

Profit First Professionals Banner
What Makes Profit First Professionals Different?
Profit First Professionals was created in 2014 to help accountants, bookkeepers, and business coaches escape the compliance trap and start making more of a difference for their clients. Using the principles documented in the book, Profit First, co-founders Mike Michalowicz and Ron Saharyan created a one-of-a-kind membership organization. Profit First Professionals members soon became highly sought after providers of strategic financial, operational, and personal guidance for business owners around the world.
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