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Tax Services

We offer comprehensive tax services to give you peace of mind. We guide our clients through strategies to minimize their tax liability and maximize their refund. We keep our knowledge up-to-date in the areas of individual and business taxes.


We know that taxes are the annual event that everyone has complications with.

We are here to solve your tax problems. Our income tax expertise can process returns for:

•Out-of-state returns.
•Business tax preparation (Corporations, LLC, Fiduciary Returns).
•E-file for quicker tax refunds.
•Tax minimization strategies.


Our tax service processes your tax solutions, tax planning and preparation, tax problems, and tax audits.

We take care of issues that small businesses may struggle with, which may include:

•Employer taxes.
•Changes in tax reforms.
•Tax benefits.
•And most importantly, payroll tax.


Any errors in taxes can cost a business a lot of money. So avoid any confusion and give us a call today!

This is the reason many businesses trust us and keep coming to us to help them organize their tax preparation needs.

Whether you are working for an organization and filing a W-2, or you are an independent contractor filing 1099 forms, we will help you file your taxes properly.

The U.S. tax code is constantly changing, so it’s overwhelming for individual taxpayers and small business owners to stay up-to-date with the changes.

Many taxpayers are unaware of deductions and tax breaks that they are legally entitled to. We all agree that no one wants to pay more than they should, but underpaying can also bring the IRS knocking on your door!

To ensure your taxes are calculated properly, contact SMG Business Services! We offer quality tax preparation and tax planning strategies that take care of business owners by avoiding tax penalties and reducing tax obligations.


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