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Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Jemimah Sison (She/Her)

I've always had a fascination for business and numbers. I even enjoy seeing myself in the mirror when I use a calculator. So, when I decided to enroll in Accounting Technology during my undergraduate days, it was not a surprise. This course let me experience reading and studying a pile of books.

Fast forward, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting technology at the age of 19. Before I graduated, I passed the examination to be a licensed bookkeeper (Member of International Certified Bookkeepers). In the Philippines, I was hired for my first job by a multinational corporation. I've been working in the corporate world for the past six years and have had the opportunity to put all of my college-acquired accounting knowledge to use in a variety of businesses. I have extensive experience in a variety of accounting-related areas, including bookkeeping, audits, ledger operations, budgeting ,projections, and accounting analysis.

I normally use my weekends to read books that will help me learn new things and will inspire me as a woman. I also enjoy sharing what I've learned from mentoring others and traveling to distant locations to preach bible messages

Lastly, my husband and I are happily married and he is a CPA. He is able to assist me anytime I am having job difficulties, and one of our hobbies together is earning certifications for CRMs and business tools. Now I am  a Quickbooks Online certified, Xero Pro advisor, A2X certified (used in ecommerce bookkeeping). Looking forward to help you in your bookkeeping needs.

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