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Do It With You Membership


$150/ month

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About this Service

SMG Business Services has created a new product to serve small businesses that can’t afford a professional bookkeeping service. This product is available for both English and Spanish speaking small business owners who struggle keeping up with their own accounting books. We call it Bookkeeping Bootcamp.

What is it? It is a group membership support service instead of DIY (Do It Yourself) or DFY (Do It for You) Bookkeeping, we offer a DWY (Do it With You) bookkeeping service. Our goal is to offer professional support, accountability, and knowledge. All at an affordable price.

What will this include?

  • Improved skills on bookkeeping

  • Improved bookkeeping practices

  • Tax ready by end of year

  • Build literacy for understanding financial reports/activities

  • Understanding of budget planning

  • Better understanding between budget planning and increase of profit

  • Understanding of planning to prepare for tax reporting

  • Support in building bookkeeping skills

  • Accountability

Your Instructor

Silvia Guardado

Silvia Guardado

Silvia Guardado is a bookkeeper and coach, graduate of Cal Poly Pomona College, and an expert in taxes and the concept of Profit First. Silvia and her team work with passionate, resilient women and POC professional service providers who feel overwhelmed by their business or personal finances. She helps them gain confidence in their financial decision-making and reach their goals by getting their books in order and creating a path toward building wealth. Silvia started this new service to bridge the gap for small business owners who can’t afford the traditional bookkeeper just yet, but still need support with maintaining their books.

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