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Do It Yourself (DIY) Resource Membership


$45/ month

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About this Service

The BKBC DIY membership is meant to support the business owner that

wants to do their books themselves.

Accurate bookkeeping is essential for understanding your finances, guiding

your expenses or investments, and preparing for taxes. Whether you use

manual methods, spreadsheets, or accounting software, maintaining

precise records is key. SMG offers a collection of videos with client

interactions that guide you through various bookkeeping activities, ensuring

you can manage your finances effectively.

If you find you need more support, update to DWY (do it with you)

membership so you can ask your questions and we can guide you through

your bumps.

  • How does BKBC DIY membership benefit you?

  • Resource for entries

  • Build understanding of bookkeeping activities

  • Clarification on how to categorize your entries

  • Guide on how to categorize your entries

  • How to record expenses

  • Build understanding of your financial reports

  • What is reconciliation

  • Keep track of bank and credit card transactions

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