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3 Lessons from Lil’ Libros, a bilingual children’s book publishing company

In honor of Women’s History Month we are highlighting a woman- and Latina-owned company that is creating bilingual children’s books for our future generations. Starting out with just a few titles, locally and online, LA-based Lil’ Libros was founded by Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Sauceda-Stein, who identified a need for bilingual children’s books, such as our favorite, Vámonos a San Salvador Here are 3 lessons we’re taking away from their journey:

  1. If you can’t find it, create it. Have a sense that there’s a gap in the market? Want to leave a legacy? Go for it! Patty and Ariana did just that when they couldn’t find the books they wanted to read to their children and couldn’t find a publisher to support their idea.

  2. Leverage your background. Coming from a Spanish-speaking background proved to be an asset for both founders. Like many immigrants and children from immigrant families, Patty and Ariana experienced imposter syndrome on the way toward their venture, but those tough feelings did not stop them from creating a company based on their cultural experiences.

  3. Try, try again. Lil’ Libros wasn’t Patty and Ariana’s first business idea. In fact, they tried out many ideas before landing on this one. We at SMG Business Services know all about having a second chance at building a successful business. It takes time and courage, but with dedication and lots of effort you can achieve your dreams.

Lil’ Libros grew from a desire “to make the world a better place by providing authentic stories that promote inclusivity and love!” More than creating rich stories for children, Lil’ Libros illustrates the impact that women and people of color can have for generations to come, and the success that can come from owning your authenticity and determination.


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