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NEW service offering, website, & employee! Same great service!

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

We are excited to bring you some great news! 🎉 We've made a few changes at SMG Business Services, all with the goal of continuing to provide you with a positive and seamless customer experience. We expanded our services, redesigned our website, and hired a new employee to help us bring you the best experience possible. Keep reading to checkout what's new!

New Service Offering: Personal Finance Consulting

We are happy to announce that SMG Business Services now offers Personal Finance Consulting. We understand that business decisions are not the only thing keeping you up at night. Find relief from personal financial stress with our coaching program. Allow us to support you in developing a personal finance strategy that meets your needs. Find out more by scheduling your Financial Coaching Clarity Call today!

New Website Redesign

We recently redesigned our website to provide a better user experience. You'll now find a page dedicated to you, our wonderful clients, where you can schedule appointments with us and quickly access your Liscio and Quickbooks portals. We'd love to know what you think of the redesign! Please email us at to let us know.

New Employee

Last, but not least, please join us in welcoming Merlin Salamanca to the SMG Business Services team! Merlin is coming on board as our Chief Marketing Officer and Finance Consultant. She has over 10 years of bookkeeping and personal finance experience. She achieved her BA at UC Berkeley and MBA at Carnegie Mellon University and is a Certified Financial Educator and Coach. Learn more about Merlin.


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