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Have you filed your 2021 taxes yet?

The main tax date is April 18, 2022, less than a month away. Have you filed your Individual and Business Taxes yet? If you haven’t filed already, or are on extension, what’s your plan for filing your 2021 taxes? At SMG Business Services, we want to support you in eliminating financial stress, including your tax filing process, so here are a few tips to ensure your process runs smoothly.

  • Documentation: Gather all your documents for last year. Did you make any donations? Are you missing any tax-related documents you should have received earlier this year? Do you have records for all deductions you intend to claim? Is your bookkeeping for the year complete and accurate? Make sure you have a complete set of documents to avoid delay and frustration.

    • Pro Tip #1: Scan all your documents so you have a digital copy. Store them in one secure and accessible place, such as Liscio.

    • Pro Tip #2: Throughout the year, upload documents to Liscio so you are ready for next tax season ahead of time. No need to go back through a full year of documents and communications to file your taxes.

  • Communicate with your Tax Preparer: Let your tax preparer know when you are ready to file your taxes. Complete questionnaires and answer any questions they may have. Responding promptly will help in processing on time.

    • Pro Tip: Seek guidance for tax planning. Inform your tax preparer of any changes for last year and planned changes in the current year.

Have any tax-related questions? Need to file your taxes? We’d be happy to help with your filing! Feel free to contact us.

If you already filed your taxes, congrats! 🎉 If you haven’t filed yet, we wish you a stress-free tax filing process!


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