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January mindset for 2022 goals

January brings opportunities to focus on our goals for the year. Before things get hectic and you wonder where all your time went, take a moment to reflect on what you would like to get out of 2022 and plan out the steps needed to get there. Don’t let stress get to you. Here are a few tips to get you in the right mindset to tackle your goals:

  • Go for a walk. Take time away from your desk, get some fresh air and some steps in, and think about what you’d like to accomplish this year. Better yet, take your thought partner or bestie with you and bounce ideas off each other to make sure you’re focusing on the right things.

  • Journal. Sometimes it may be difficult to focus on just one thing or to figure out if your goals are right for where you are in your business right now. Journaling can help you to get a sense of your gut instincts so that you head in a direction that’s right for you.

  • Checklists. Writing out your goals makes them real. Once you know what you’ll focus on in 2022, break your goal down into small chunks and write them down. What will you do today, or this week, or this month to reach your goals? The smaller the steps, the easier it’ll be to reach your overall goals. Use a notebook or your favorite digital task manager to keep track of all the amazing steps you get done along the way.

Accounting tip: As you look forward in 2022, remember to review your 2021 financials. Make sure your documents are in order. Doing so will ensure you have a smooth tax process. Have any questions about your taxes or financials? Feel free to ask us!


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