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Make your business goals real

Last week we discussed ways to gain clarity on your goals. Whether you walked and talked or journaled your way through your thoughts, congratulations on making decisions for what you want to achieve this year and what direction you would like to take your business! It’s a great start to the year! Your goals might seem daunting, so to get ahead of the overwhelm, break your goals down into small steps to reach throughout the year. Self-care isn’t only about massages and relaxation. It’s also about staying organized and finding processes and methods to handle all that life has in store for us. To that end, we’d like to support your business by sharing our favorite task management tools to add to your digital toolbox for achieving your dreams.

  • ClickUp. We recently implemented ClickUp, a highly customizable project management software, in our business to help us collaborate on tasks. We’re excited about digitizing and automating our checklists and having easily accessible, real-time updates on our work to support us in communicating and improving our processes along the way. Clickup allows us to manage complex processes for multiple clients all in one place. ClickUp also offers many templates and more features, which we look forward to continue implementing in our business.

  • Notion. Like ClickUp, Notion project management software allows you and your team to collaborate in your project management needs, especially if there is a lot of information that needs to be shared among employees. Need to sync meeting notes, add an employee directory, or keep track of detailed processes? Check out Notion.

  • For businesses that want to manage just a few projects or checklists, Asana and Trello offer task management options that are visually appealing and are designed to quickly get you organized.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be shy when it comes to project management tools. You can even implement task management software at home to help you keep track of all those tasks that need to get done on a regular basis, such as grocery shopping, recipe management, and cleaning to-dos. Just as with anything in your business that you need to keep track of, don’t forget about your profitability. Improve from last year’s profit by implementing Profit First Cash Flow Consulting. Feel free to ask us today about how we can support you in increasing your profitability so you can increase your financial freedom.


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