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Resources to strengthen your business

All businesses need strong teams and resources to succeed. It’s almost impossible to do it all alone. Guess what? You don’t have to! We at SMG Business Services are honored to be part of your business team and we’re here to remind you that there are many resources available to you to reinforce your business. As you create a plan to tackle 2022, consider the following:

  • Covid Relief from the Small Business Administration (SBA). If Covid has continued to affect your business, consider applying for a grant or a loan to keep your business running. Have questions about your eligibility? Check out this chart. Still not sure if these options are right for your business? Ask us!

  • Profit First Cash Flow Management with SMG Business Services. Drive profitability in your business without the stress. Make 2022 the year that you lead with clarity and transparency in your finances. Let go of the financial stress and contact us to explore how we can help you grow and strengthen your profitability.

  • Free Mentorship and Workshops from SCORE. Let’s be honest, running and growing a business takes a lot of knowledge and skill. Thankfully, SCORE offers many workshops and access to experienced professionals to support you in every aspect of business. Check out their website and watch a recorded webinar or sign up for a live session. Better yet, sign up to get matched with a mentor to discuss specific goals and strategies for your business.

We are strong believers in connecting and collaborating with others to support the small business community. We hope that you find some or all of these resources helpful.

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