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Want to know how healthy your business is in just one glance and get quick recommendations to increase your profitability?

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You started your business for the freedom to create your own income. Your business is growing, but you don’t see the money in the bank. Take control of your business by learning how to increase your profitability without the stress!

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Download the Profit First Instant Assessment bundle and you’ll learn:

  • The Profit First Instant Assessment method for increasing profitability in one quick and easy PDF guide

  • Quickly assess the health of your business so you can take charge of your financial future

  • Instant recommendations to improve your profitability, specifically tailored to your business in an easy-to-use Excel workbook

  • Plan your margins like a pro!

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Hi! I'm Silvia Guardado and I’m a bookkeeper and coach who works with passionate and resilient women and POC professional service providers who feel overwhelmed by their business or personal finances. I help them gain confidence in their financial decision-making and reach their goals by getting their books in order and creating a path toward building wealth.

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