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Meet the Team

Hi, I'm Annabel Acuna (She/Her)

I joined the exceptional team at SMG Business Services back in 2014, and since then, I've accumulated over six years of valuable experience in bookkeeping. I wear multiple hats at SMG Business services, in addition to being one of our main bookkeepers. One of the things I truly excel at is being a resourceful team player. I believe in the power of building strong, trusting relationships with both our valued customers and my wonderful colleagues. To me, honesty and integrity are not just words – they are the guiding principles that shape my professional approach. By leading with these qualities, I strive to provide effective leadership and foster optimal business relationships.

Currently, I am completing my bachelor's degree in accounting, and am thrilled to be on this educational journey. As a licensed tax preparer, I have had the opportunity to apply my knowledge and assist individuals and businesses with their tax-related matters. Throughout my previous work experiences with small businesses and nonprofits, I discovered my deep passion for helping others, which has inspired me to pursue a degree in accounting. I am driven to utilize my skills and expertise to make a positive impact in the financial realm and provide valuable support to those in need.

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In addition to my accounting pursuits, I absolutely love traveling and exploring new places. Another activity close to my heart is participating in charity walks, where I get to contribute to meaningful causes and make a positive impact on the community.


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