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Tax Alert: 3 Major IRS Announcements Vital for Small Business Owners


There’s a running joke here at SMG that if you can’t find someone on our team, they’re probably at a conference. In fact, our leadership team just returned from two back-to-back events with one being the 2023 IRS Nationwide Tax Forum in San Diego.

What I love about this forum is that all information comes directly from the IRS to the tax professional community. It’s an exclusive three-day event with over 40 seminars and workshops on a wide variety of federal and state tax issues, presented by experts from the IRS and partner organizations from the tax community.

Here are some broad strokes of our team’s trip to this year’s forum (more details to come later):

  1. The IRS’ new Commissioner, Danny Werfel, has big plans for the IRS. One of his most important goals is to modernize and make it easier for Americans to navigate today’s complex tax system through improved technology, better service, and fairer enforcement.

  2. A core technology initiative for the IRS is to increase paperless processing. Paper, Werfel states, is the IRS’ kryptonite. It’s the IRS’ goal to go completely paperless by 2025, which would enable an estimated 76 million paper documents to be processed digitally each year!

  3. More immediately for the 2024 filing season, the IRS is giving taxpayers new tools that will help them go paperless should they choose. They are in the process of launching new web-based solutions for the upcoming filing season that will allow virtually all correspondence to be uploaded by taxpayers rather than mailed in.

This is big news from the IRS that small businesses should be paying attention to as they stand to significantly gain. These improvements also enable tax professionals like SMG to work smarter and faster for our customers, which we love.

The world of taxes is constantly changing, and you don’t want to fall behind. SMG is soon launching a new offer that ensures you won’t at a cost that won’t break the bank. Our team had a great experience at this year’s San Diego IRS Nationwide Tax Forum, and we look forward to sharing more information about our all-new tax offering soon!


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