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The Big Benefits of Conferences for Small Businesses

Updated: Sep 8, 2023


Something I prioritized early in my career as a small business owner were conferences. I still do to this day, both as an attendee and featured speaker. The feeling of a room full of people eager to discuss, learn, and collaborate around a shared passion is incredible, and the insights you walk away with are priceless.

If you ask me, every small business owner should attend at least one or two conferences each year. I’m certainly not alone in my thinking. Over 80% of business travelers attended at least one conference last year, according to a survey conducted by J.D. Power, U.S. Travel Association, and Tourism Economics.

Here’s why every small business owner should make time for in-person conferences:

  1. Find key business resources: How do you learn about the resources that are available to your business? Conferences bring the opportunity straight to you. You can “shop” around and find financial, marketing, sales, and other key resources in-person immediately.

  2. Broaden your customer reach: Make your services available to the masses in one fell swoop. Practice your pitch, bring your business cards, and find qualified prospects. There’s no better feeling than reaching out to a new list of contacts post-conference.

  3. See the latest business/industry trends: Get a finger on the pulse of today’s and tomorrow’s innovations in your business and/or industry.

  4. Listen, learn, and act: The best way to learn is from hearing the insights of experienced leaders. Conferences put them on the main stage.

  5. Develop key skills you need as a business owner: Small networking groups allow us to build our communication, leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in a controlled environment. Conferences put them to the test and help us further sharpen them with real-world practice.

If you’re looking for a conference opportunity and are local to Southern California, join SMG at the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Conference (CHCC) in Costa Mesa from August 16-18. The CHCC’s Annual Statewide Convention is the largest networking venue for Hispanic businesses in the western region. See you there!


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