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Customized Business Services that Support Your Success

What Story Does Your Finances Tell?

Numbers Tell a Story


Are you paying yourself?

  • Budget Planning

  • Saving for Taxes

  • Understanding Financial Reports


Tax Services

Where is your profit going?​

  • ​Managing Payroll​

  • Efficient Bookkeeping

  • Useful Systems

Are you interested in increasing your business’s profitability? We offer services specifically customized for you!

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Proactive and preventive finances from passionate, resilient women and POC professional service providers

Financial Services That Save You Time and Give You Peace of Mind

Hear from our clients

"SMG works so diligently to assist in small business profitability, taking the time to learn what your company really does."

Chelle W.

Tax Services

There is no one size fits all solution to taxes. Every situation is unique. We're committed to learning who you are to give our clients the very best solution with top notch tax services.


The “Books” are the pulse of any business. Alleviate the stress of recording your financial transactions by letting us take care of your accounts in a professional, systematic, and digestible manner.

Consulting & Training

Enhance your organization with our extensive knowledge of up-to-date accounting system management. We make sure that your team comprehends the best procedures for your accounting system, so you and your staff will leave feeling confident and knowledgeable about tracking your business finances accurately.

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Check our FAQ page for answers to your bookkeeping and taxpayer questions.

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